Melted chapstick needs to go back in time and stay there

Summer brings out some good emotions in me, the weather is warm, you can wear shorts, and life just feels better…it really is one of the best seasons that you can experience. Although I love the summer there is one thing that I absolutely detest about summer. And it’s when my chapstick melts in my car.

Not my actual Chapstick

I’m not a scientist but it feels like every time the weather gets about 70 degrees I can pretty much plan on my chapstick melting in my car. I’m sick of it, why do we have to live like this? About 99% of you are reading this on a device that has the capability of calling in an air strike but we cant come up with chapstick that won’t melt, it’s bullshit. I’m sick of it and I’m not gonna stand for it anymore.

Forget about human rights issues, and meddling in elections, let’s fix the stuff that really matters. Write your local congressman or woman and let’s be the generation that ends all the problems associated with melted chapstick.

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