Peanut M&M’s are the Muhammad Ali of Chocolate & Peanut Candy

They have Wrestled with an Alligator, and Tussled with a Whale. Handcuffed Lightning and thrown Thunder in Jail. THEY ARE THE GREATEST!

When it comes to Chocolate and Peanut Combo Candies there are really only two options. Reese’s and Peanut M&M’s. Anything else is just noise, like don’t even bother @’ing me because I’m not going to listen. Now Reese’s are good. But have you had Peanut M&M’s lately? Not only are they the best kind of M&M but they might be the greatest candy ever.

It’s got everything you need.

Chocolate ✅

Peanuts ✅

It’s the perfect mix of Sweet, and Salty. And the best part about all of it? It’s simple. It’s not trying to reinvent the wheel like those assholes over at Take 5. 5 Ingredients? GTFOH.

Now go. Go to the store and buy some Peanut M&M’s, because they are the best and i mean best candy in the universe.

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