My #1 Fear might not be as Irrational as you think

We all have irrational fears. One of mine happens to be that I’m very scared to pee in bushes because I truly fear that a large Jungle Cat will jump out of said bush and bite my wiener off; True Story. But my number 1 irrational fear is so out of left field you might actually agree with me.

Picture you are sitting at a bar with your friends. Enjoying the night, your getting some food. A Philly cheesesteak to be more specific. And all of a sudden this guy walks into the Bar.

And all H.E. Double Fuck breaks loose.

Just imagine your surprise. Then your immediate fear that will set in when you realize that the bar you are currently eating at is about to be flipped upside down…exposing all the gross stuff that happens in that kitchen, and behind the bar. At this point you just watch as the Taffy Man starts screaming at the bar owner who is probably drunk at this point in the night and being creepy to the staff.

But this is no laughing matter. You hear screaming and see Jon get more red than what you would imagine the Devil’s left ass cheek looking like and he makes his way back to the kitchen. You immediately put down the Cheesesteak despite how decent it tastes and wait for the Taff to come out of the kitchen disgusted. And sure as shit he comes out of the kitchen and points directly at you and says “That Frickin Cheesesteak has Swine Flu in it!!!”

Your immediate reaction.

End Scene.

Isn’t that terrifying? This is 100% true by the way, this takes the cake as my Number 1 irrational fear. What’s Yours?

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