I can’t wait to win the Stanley Cup so I can say Fuck on live TV

Last night the worst possible scenario played out. The St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup. As is tradition every player had their opportunity to skate around the rink while hoisting the cup…also as tradition NBC allowed us to hear multiple F Bombs on live TV. It is seriously the only time of year when you can hear Fuck on live TV and it is ok…as much as it pained me to watch the blues hoist the cup, it was pretty hilarious imagining what the FCC and The corporate office of NBC were thinking as the blues skated around the rink yelling Fuck Yeah!, Fucking Right Boys!, and other iterations of the word. Its Awesome, I’m a big Chaos guy so I love stuff like that.

It took about 5 straight minutes of this for NBC to finally cut the players mics and I think they should have let them straight up swear. So you could feel the emotion, and heart that they put into that moment. It’s really cool.

I couldn’t find a supercut of all the ones from the past but here is Conn Smythe winner Ryan O’Reilly

And let’s not forget when Andrew Shaw was fucking excited to win the cup

Corey Crawford is a legend when it comes to dropping F Bombs on live TV

Congrats St. Louis


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