Why Bat Flips are good for Baseball

You may have heard the term “Pimping a Homerun” at some point this year. And you may ask yourself Mike what the fuck does that mean? Well first off watch your language, secondly here’s the urban dictionary definition

I feel like every day we get a story of some dude ripping bombs and flipping his bat into the atmosphere as celebration. The first thing that comes to mind is White Sox Shortstop Tim Anderson who pissed a lot of people off this season when he crushed a ball into the stratosphere and had an all time bat flip

BuT iT’s BaD fOr BaSeBaLl – Olds

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that bat flips are ruining baseball. Do you know how hard it is to hit to hit a Home Run off of a Major League Pitcher? Of course you don’t it’s probably insanely hard to find that sweet spot on the bat while a 95 mile ball of leather is coming at you, no way that’s easy, if it was then there would be no MLB because we would all just be hitting bombs and there would be double the amount of bat flipping.

Let the kids have fun, we only have so much time on this miserable planet so flip your bat, chug a beer, dab on someone, do you. Don’t even @ me about the unwritten rules of baseball, I don’t care. Home runs rule, celebrating home runs rule, and being butt hurt about either is lame, don’t be lame

Here the top 50 bat flips of all time in case you’re jonesing for more

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  1. Completely agree Mike! Tim Anderson is the epitome of having fun playing the game and there is nothing offensive about it

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