Drinking this close to 30 is Not a Good Idea

As many of you may know I recently hit the big 2-9 and honestly not much has happened that would be different from 28…well until I woke up this morning

We decided to have a Darty yesterday and I consumed a solid amount (8-9) of Beer, during my 28th year of life I could go out have a couple and wake up ok, I currently feel like death and I can’t explain it, what changed? I didn’t get sick, I ate before I went to sleep, and that’s it this story should have had a happy ending but it doesn’t.

Back 6 years ago I would drink double the amount 3-4 times a week; sometimes more (what up Stewart St) I can’t even fathom doing that right now, I’m basically at the point where I’m contemplating not drinking for the rest of the year.

People say you are “Riding the Struggle Bus” when you’re hungover, but right now I feel like I was hit by the struggle bus and dragged 16 miles down Old Town Rd

Prayers are appreciated

This blog was brought to you in part by New Glarus’ Spotted Cow, the official darty drink of the Warming Home and the most crushable beer on the planet, just kidding…or am I

Let’s make it Happen New Glarus

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