Reason #1000 why Hockey > Basketball

Not sure if you’ve been keeping up with the Stanley Cup finals this year, if you have good for you, if you haven’t you should. It feels like I’m watching Pacific Rim for the first time again…seeing these two titans wage war against each other makes me fall deeper and deeper in love with the sport.

The series currently stands at 2-2 with game 5 being played in Boston on Thursday night. I do not know what will happen but I do know that Boston will come out swinging, why?

Because their captain Zdeno Chara had the misfortune of taking a puck to the face. This accident left Chara leaking on the ice from the jaw that was now broken. Holy shit right? So the Chara left the game and got it surgically repaired right? Fuck no! This is hockey baby, he didn’t play the rest of the game but you bet your sweet ass he parked himself on the bench to support his teammates

He even donned a nice face shield that he will be wearing for game 5. He’s playing game 5? You better believe he is going to play game 5. This is hockey. He didn’t tweak his calf and missed 8 games like a certain player on Golden State. Not gonna name names *Cough* * Cough* KD *Cough*

Oh captain my captain

#Pucksonnet #PlayGloria

Hockey Effin Rules

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