Robert Mueller should look into the Golden State Warriors Next

I’m sick of Golden State just plain sick of them. I feel like everyone who wasn’t as blessed as I was to grow up in The Northwest Suburbs of Chicago during the 90’s when Michael Jordan and his band of Merry Men wrecked havoc on the NBA for the better part of a decade.

I’m watching this from the outside looking in, I get it this is cool, we say we are never going to see a run of dominance like this ever again. But we will, it’s gonna happen again and I’m still gonna hate on it, unless of course it’s my team.

Which is where this guy comes in. I think Robert Mueller needs to look into the Golden State Warriors, there is something going on in Oakland and the American people need answers dammit. I mean how could a team legally put this starting 5 on the floor?

It feels like this should be illegal, maybe Russia is involved? Would it be crazy of me to suggest that this might even go all the way up to the President?

Either way we need to get to the bottom of this and Robert Mueller can make it happen, so I started an online petition to get the ball rolling

This will work right? I mean all these online petitions work right?

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