The Sugar Circle: Love at First Bite

Every so often you stumble upon a place that really connects with you. Well for me, this happened a couple of years ago when Christine and I first moved to Woodstock. We were unfamiliar with the town and all the little hidden gems that were around here. Within the first couple months of consistently going to the Historic Woodstock Square we noticed there was this cute little bakery right next to the movie theatre, so Christine, McKenzie (like 2 months old) and I decided to waltz in. It is there that we were first introduced to the incredibly kind staff, and their Cinnamon Rolls. But I’ll get to those later.

Literally and figuratively it was love at first bite. Christine and I knew this place was special and from that moment on The Sugar Circle became our own little slice of heaven; for all our cakes, donuts, cinnamon rolls, and pastries. We even got McKenzie’s birthday cake from here and it was hands down the best cake I’ve ever had. You could just taste the love and hard work that went into it and that is something you just can’t say about much these days. We have since been to the Sugar Circle countless times and every time we go I’m more and more amazed at what they are able to do with my favorite sweet treats.

Fast forward to today, I was dead tired this morning and McKenzie and I ran out to The Sugar Circle to get some breakfast.

McKenzie got a Donut and I got a Cinnamon Roll. And before you say anything no I didn’t eat the whole thing by myself in one sitting. Although I easily could have. McKenzie seemed to have very much enjoyed her donut which is a good indication of how it tasted because she typically doesn’t eat anymore.

Now…Where do I start with these Cinnamon Rolls; These things could cure Depression. They are that good, If you have yet to try one you need to get your ass to The Sugar Circle and get you one. They are easily the best cinnamon roll you will ever have. I feel confident saying that because it is 100% true. On my mama you will love their Cinnamon Rolls. If you do not you can come over to my house and kick me in the Shin. That is how good they are, that I’m willing to sacrifice my shins to get you to try them.

I also got a Bagel #Fat. And the bagel ruled; it was an everything bagel with Jalapeño Cream cheese and it was Everything I ever wanted (I’m so funny).

I saved 3/4 of it for Christine because she is a big bagel guy so I want her opinions of it. Spoiler alert she loved it, and you will too. This place is an absolute must try, and if you live in McHenry county you have literally no excuse to not know about this place. If you don’t live in McHenry county you still have no excuse because its worth the drive. But don’t take my word for it, go and try it out for yourself.

Life is Short, Make it Sweet

P.S Lauren if you are reading this how would you like to be the Official Bakery of the Warming Home? You don’t have to do anything I just want to say that my blog has an official bakery.

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