Why Cardio Spacing Etiquette needs to be a thing

If you’re like me you are not a huge fan of other people…like at all. My rule of thumb for other people is that I just want nothing to do with them, especially at the gym. I don’t talk to people, I don’t eff around. I’m there to put in a couple hours and go home. Which is why when somebody willingly chooses the cardio machine right next to me when there are plenty of open options.

I know what you’re thinking. Mike why is this such a big deal? Well have you done cardio lately? If you have you know how much you sweat whilst doing so and guess who can smell your cardio sweat? Yep…everyone around you. So it’s just my luck that every person who decides to pull this dick move on me always smells like Cigarettes or a sweaty asshole. It’s gross and it needs to be stopped.

I’m going to write my congressman or woman and have her draft a bill that would enforce Cardio Spacing Etiquette, because we really need it. Unless of course you like having creepy/smelly people willingly make you uncomfortable for the rest of your life. I get if there is no other treadmill available that this is necessary but if there are 3 treadmills to my left and right you do not need to go on the one directly to my right. Like why are you that way?

Do not do this, don’t be this person…you’re better than that

One thought on “Why Cardio Spacing Etiquette needs to be a thing

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  1. Michael I could not agree more! Many years ago we belonged to Edwards Hospital gym in Naperville and Every time I was there, some smelly guy would work out right next to me. I could Not stand it. We bought a treadmill and elipitical ( spelled it wrong ) for our home! Best investment ever! All ours and no sweaty weirdos !

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