If these Stanley Cup Commercials don’t make you warm and fuzzy inside then I don’t know what to tell you

Let’s face it, when it comes to pure emotion and intensity no other sport comes close to Hockey. The grit, the desire, the determination all for what? To lift Lord Stanley’s Cup; a 37 lb piece of history over their head and eventually have their name engraved it in. Where it will remain for the rest of time. They immediately become in the same boats as the Wayne Gretzkys, the Steve Yzermans, and the Bobby Orrs. It really is the best, but for right now I’m gonna talk about the TV spots for the Stanley Cup. Because there are no guarantees in life…except for me dad crying every time I see one these commercials

Oh Captain my Captain:



my god

No Words:

literally no words


If you haven’t cried yet you are a monster. I am such a mental midget when it comes to sports stuff, it’s pretty much the only time I ever cry anymore except for the birth of McKenzie.

This Bruins/Blues series is heating up and is currently tied. Winner gets remembered forever, the loser goes home. LETS GO!

Play Gloria

Pucks in Deep

Wheel Snipe Celly Boys

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