Bruins Vs. Blues: This Series is going to be a war

This series is going to be a frigging war. As most 7 game hockey Series’ are. But just take a look at these stats. With 6 Minutes left in the third period. The Bruins and Blues are tied with 29 Hits a Piece. Maybe this is just the energy and passion flying around but seeing two teams just fucking tee off on each other is just something I can totally get behind. I was curious as to how much energy these two teams can generate so i looked at the heights and weights of these two Behemoths.

So the Blues are the bigger team if you look at the average weight of their starting players. But the Big Bad Bruins are no slouch either. Both teams are relatively the same size which will make this next part fun.

If you average out the teams size and fill out said energy calculator, super nerd shit i know. Using of course the average skate speed of NHL Players, i used google, and gave them both the same skate speed. Which will produce 7221 Joules per hit. One Joule is the equivalant to a pack of cigarettes. That’s a nicotine joke for guys named Kyle out there. Now this is pretty Much going to have over 60 times per game. Which will of course lead to sore players. A smart guy would explain the rest of that calculation to you but i am not a smart man. So you can just read that ish yourself. One thing is for certain though. This series is going to be so intense…just like the fire at the circus.

I’ll be here all night.

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