Oreo started making S’mores Oreos and they are the damn Devil

So I went to Jewel (local grocery store for those who are uninformed about the wonders of jewel) to buy some lettuce and Doritos for the walking tacos that Christine and I made Monday night for dinner; side note, they ruled. And upon my attempt to check out with only the items I came to jewel to find I noticed on the end cap there was a new flavor of Oreos. S’mores, S’moreos.

Me being the good little sheep I am couldn’t pass these up, yeah I’m supposed to be on a diet; yeah those things are LOADED with Fat and Sugar. Who Cares, my purpose on this planet is to eat as much limited time offer food as I can before I meet my untimely demise, probably at the hands of a giant scorpion.

I bring them home and man oh man these things are Trouble in River City. Picture what you think a S’mores Oreo should taste like. You got it? Because that’s exactly what it tastes like. If I wasn’t on a diet I would absolutely buy more of these bad mutha-Shut Yo Mouth’s (I was only talking about these Oreos). Oreo has created a monster that is going to reek havoc on our beach bodies this summer.


10/10 for sure. Oreo? Is that you? Tryna be the official cookie of The Warming Home?

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