I think I’m gonna be a Big,Crazy, Survivalist Guy

So I don’t know what happened or how it happened but I do know this. Some asshole who was walking his dog just let his dog shit in my front yard and just didn’t clean it up. Like it’s not the act itself that angers me, actually yeah it is. I don’t give a razz taz who this guy or gal is but I’ll tell you this. If I find you…Fade on Sight. In fact, this whole experience is making me want to become one of those Crazy Survivalist guys who is armed to the teeth so next time this Jagbag decides he wants to let his little bullshit excuse of a dog crap where I let my daughter play BOOM! Claymore mine.

Trust me there won’t be 72 virgins where I send that flea’d fucker. Ok I get it, that’s a little extreme. Maybe I’ll just get a Gilly Suit and just camp out with my blowgun waiting for my prey to arrive.

I look like the grinch.

If all else fails I can just get a tree stand and force McKenzie to sit up there with a Bow and Arrow like she’s “Protecting” Winterfell from the army of the dead.

She’s just the cutest little hunter that there ever was. Did you ever know that?!

If I was a crazy survivalist guy it wouldn’t be just me who would be armed to the teeth. It would be the whole clan. Kenz would always have a Bowie knife on her, and Christine would rock a Barrett .50 Cal when she goes to Jewel. Nobody would ever want to come over it would be great.

Yea…That’s what the founding fathers meant when they wrote the second amendment. A babe with a gun. Hell Yeah.

Or I could just let it go, Yeah…you’re right. I’ll probably just do that.

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