Dr. Now is the MVP of My 600 lb. Life

If i was a country, UzMikeistan; My national past time would be watching My 600 lb. Life on TLC. I just can’t get enough. Some people are addicted to tobacco, some are addicting to drugs. Me? I’m addicted to watching people who are 600+ Lbs try and get their lives back on track and get that weight loss surgery where they shrink the stomach down and literally give them now choice but to not eat enough. The only thing standing in their way is this man…Dr. Nowzardan

Doctor Now is the probably Eastern European Bariatric surgeon that basically steals the show every episode. Mainly because he:

A. Don’t play no Shit

B. Don’t play that Shit

C. Doesn’t give a fuck if you don’t want to do his diet.

You will submit to Dr. Now. He will get his way. He will Win. Just like he does pretty much every single episode. This old man will build you up with his inspirational spirt and mumble rap ass accent, and tear you down to ground zero in the very next sentence. I wish Dr. Now was my primary. I wish he would change his residency and be the new Doc on Doc McStuffins

But **Sigh** that will never happen. Anyways back to Dr. Now. Dr. Now does not care about how you feel. He will put you on a 1000 Calorie a day diet and god help you if you can’t meet your weight loss goals for a month. The world needs more Dr. Nows, and Less Janines. Janine is the thing in this video below.

Before you get on your high horse and tell me I’m being mean just stop. Janine sucks.

She’s the Wooooooorrrrrrsssssstttt, or if you wanna get German with me she’s the Vurst.

We need more Dr. Nows in America and Less Janines. Don’t be a Janine.

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