You’re gonna Wish I made these Photoshops sooner

The Gas Station by my house made a major life decision recently and got this old school looking Slim Jim holder that looks like Macho Man Randy Savage…it’s sweet. The only thing that made it better was my impression of Macho Man “Ooooooooohh Yeaaaaaah” I said to Christine and McKenzie as I jumped back into my car.

When all of a sudden I hear McKenzie in her best Maaaacho Man Randy Savage Yeaaahh voice go “Ooooohhh Yeaaahh” just like her old man.

There have been only three times that I’ve cried in front of McKenzie:

1. When she was born

2. When she had her first piece of Gabbaghoul

3. When I heard her do a Macho Man impression

So I got to thinking…what would a McKenzie/Macho man hybrid look like?


What about the nature boy?

And last but most certainly not least…she is a real American brother

What can I say besides I told you so that you needed those in your life sooner

You’re welcome

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