What it’s like Living with Depression

In many ways this word gets tossed around an awful lot. Movies, Music, Conversations can be depressing but like most words for the people who actually live with it, it is hell. Hell can actually be an understatement as to what it feels like to see the world through the eyes who feels like this. There is no color, no smell, no escape.

The scary thing about depression is that it does not discriminate, the person at your work, your friend from college; the person who wrote this, can all be diagnosed with depression. The even scarier thing about depression is that it works as a poison just infecting all the good you see in the world piece by piece until all you can see is storm clouds but instead of rain its battery acid.

As we have seen, it doesn’t matter who the person is, they are subject to suffering with this disease. It’s sucks the life out of you until you feel empty and then it tells you to the only way to ever feel better is to snap yourself out of existence. It’s horrible and I wouldn’t ever wish it on my worst enemy. To be trapped with Ones own thoughts and it just feels like your mind is a fire and depression is that asshole who throws gasoline on a fire.

Living with depression is hard, but you know what’s even harder? Talking about it. So let’s start doing something about this problem that plagues so many good people, and to the people who’s lives it’s currently destroying just know that…

You are strong

You will get through this

You are Beautiful

You are loved

I know this because I’m living with depression and I’m gonna kick it’s fucking ass.

3 thoughts on “What it’s like Living with Depression

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  1. Me to Michael! I have been on antidepressants now for 20 years and it really helps! So screw any negativity towards anyone who is depressed and take your meds and live your best life possible! I love you!

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