Tonight’s the Night: Zion or Bust

As it stands right now; the Chicago Bulls have a 12.5% chance to fuck up a No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. But seriously today is the day when the Bulls have a legitimate chance of drafting this guy

In case you were wondering what Khalil Mack played basketball, there it is. Zion is a freak, he could easily play football and just his highlight videos prove to me that he is an EDGE rusher who just happens to be incredible at Basketball.

Ok so what?! He may fizzle out due to his size at the position he plays, or his lack of a 3pt shot, or his cardio is very in question.

But this kid has the ability to take over a game and during his tenure at Duke looked like he was Shaq playing against 10 year olds. I took the liberty of making a terrible photoshop of what it would like look if Zion played for the Bulls; Enjoy.

Zion or Bust

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