Portillos: The Best Fast Casual Restaurant in the Biz

Helped Mr. GetBusyBarfing Move today. If you’re a guy you know the drill with helping a buddy move. You move some shit, shoot the shit, then go get some shit to eat. Well today we were graced with the idea to hit one of the greatest places in the Chicagoland Area…Portillos.

If you are lucky enough to have experienced the magic that is this restaurant you know how special of a place this is. It has the great staples of every single fast food place: Hot Dogs, Burgers, and Italian Beefs. and Man oh Man do they have Italian Beef

You know the phrase picture perfect. Well their beef is picture perfect. I have on numerous occasions that this place has the best beef in the city. Quite the indictment, I’m not going to comment because I haven’t had all of the Italian Beef in the city to make a Hot Take like that. But i will say that Portillos has incredible Italian Beef, and you need to get it dipped with Hot Gardinera. If you don’t you might as well not even have one. Now that’s a Hot Take.

If you haven’t been to Portillos you haven’t lived. And that is a fact. Just go there, trust me. What should you get? I don’t know…whatever you want. If you go there and pick a random menu item you like it.

But don’t take my word for it. Go try it, or look at this picture of their Italian Beef, Their Sneakily good coke, and their Cheese Fries. Or as I like to call it their Holy Trinity.

What I would do for Portillos


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