Mother’s Day: A Special Day for Two of my favorite Special Women

Growing up I wasn’t sure about much in life. I didn’t know what to think when I woke up on the Second Sunday in May for the past 29 years. I knew it was Mother’s Day but I guess I didn’t really understand the significance behind it until I myself became a parent and saw the Sacrifice and Devotion that it takes to be a Mother. Not everyone can do it, most just barely get by. But these two, oh man these two. They are the Walter Peyton and Jerry Rice of Mother’s.

This picture right here is what life is all about. Enjoying the good times with the ones you love. Pretty much, everything I learned in life i learned from my Mom (Dad, I learned a lot from you too don’t worry you get your own on Father’s Day). She has made so many sacrifices in an attempt to make my life better and for that I will be forever grateful.

We have had our tough times, but we have also had the good. Sure Stef, Joe, and Myself are massive pains in the ass, but everything we do, we do out of love. The truth is we want you to be more than a mom to us. We want you to join our circle and become one of our best friends. After all we learned our playfulness from you. Something I see in my own child.

You do so much for us. It’s hard to imagine that in any universe, on every planet there is a better mother than you. You continue to amaze me and I couldn’t ask for a better Gamma to my sweet McKenzie.

Also big Shoutout to my Baba, Happy Mother’s Day Baba.

Christine and I have shared so much together; We came together in 2013 and about 3 years later we were blessed with our Sweet McKenzie. That is when I knew, that Christine was special. Not because of the love I found in her when we first started dating but when I saw that she was the most Devoted, Loving, and Selfless Mother I had ever seen.

Every day she amazes me with the Love and Patience she gives our daughter. I can’t imagine in any way that she does it for recognition. She is just wired that way because she was raised by a great Mother and Grandmother Too. Shoutout Mary and Nana. I can’t imagine taking this ride (of Life) with anyone else than Christine, and I am blessed that she is the Mother to my child. I challenge you to find someone as Loving, Compassionate, and Caring than Christine.

She’s a total Babe too.

Happy Mother’s Day to every Mother out there. You deserve the best, and always will. You have taught us to respect women and set the bar for the women we decide to spend the rest of our lives with. Although some of them never will meet the mark. I can safely say that I am blessed to have both the Best Mother and Fiancé in the world. Happy Mother’s Mom and Christine. I love you both so much

5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day: A Special Day for Two of my favorite Special Women

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  1. Aww Mike! You made me cry a little bit. So sweet! They are all lucky to have you too!

  2. Mike what a beautiful tribute to these amazing women in your life. Hugs, Robyn

  3. Awww, very sweet words, my heart is happy! Love my family❤️. Love you Mike😘

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