This video of Pat Maroon’s son after seeing his dad’s Game Winning-Double Overtime goal is what life is all about

I would like to preface this by saying in no way shape or form do I condone the actions of the St. Louis Blues, they are tied with the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Red Wings as the Bain of my Existence…just stealing happiness away from me. But last night something happened in St. Louis that made even this salty Blackhawks fan shed a tear.

Probably the most undersold headline last off-season was that Patrick Maroon, a grizzled, heavy hitting hometown kid would be returning to St. Louis to play for the team he was rooting for his entire life (probably). I can only imagine what it’s like playing for a team you used to watch with your dad, it must be incredible. It feels like every time Pat would come home and score a goal it really meant the world to him because his young son was always in attendance. Being a pro athlete can’t be easy; especially if you have a family. So last night Pats son got to see something special.

Credit to Barstool for the video:

He witnessed his dad score the series winning game 7 goal in double overtime. I know this is a very cliche saying but this kids reaction is everything. This is what playoff hockey is about. You can see the pride that he has for his dad. With the tears rolling it was even hard for me to keep them back, I hope one day I make McKenzie as proud as Pat Maroon made his son.

This moment transcends sports, this is what life is about, being a parent sucks sometimes but it’s worth it AF

And Hockey Rules too

Go Blackhawks

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