True Life: I have a Hockey Crush on Jamie Benn

Its playoff hockey season. So I’m spending my Friday night watching the best sport on earth. Just finished watching my favorite bunch of Jerks sweep the New York Islanders and now I’m watching the St. Louis Blue(ball)s play the Dallas Stars and I caught a glimpse of a past flame in my life…you guessed it, Stars Captain Jamie Benn

he’s just such a good hockey player, like I don’t understand how he can be such a complete player…

He beats the shit out of people

He’s physical

And he murders the goatee game

I would love nothing more than to have Jamie Benn play for a team that I root for. I can’t think of another player in the NHL who brings the heavy, is legimately beautiful, and can pot 30 goals a season. I know who I’m rooting for…now let me be clear I’m not a Stars guy, I’m a Jamie Benn Guy

Imagine a Benn – Seguin – Me line

Let’s make it happen

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