Wings for the Win: Jexals Wing-Zeria

I had a fever recently, and it seemed like I was never going to be able to shake it. That’s right I had a fever for some good wings. Not those weak ass excuses for wings that you get at Buffalo Wild Wings…even though that place is my spirit animal.

Christine, McKenzie, and myself decided to be bold tonight, and try the new wing joint in McHenry and boy am I glad we did. We walked into the new spot and were greeted with smiling faces and a funky interior that reminded me of a BBQ place. It’s a good thing, just trust me. We sat down and I immediately knew what I wanted. That right, a salad. Kidding, I obviously got the wings and great googily moogily those wings were juicy

P.S peep those tater tots they were straight fire.

Christine got a Buffalo wrap and she loved it, I mean how could you not? It’s got everything you need in there, I mean just look at this fucking thing

very rarely could you describe a buffalo wrap as a “Smokeshow” but this wrap was a total smokeshow, just look at those grill marks. They say you eat with your eyes and I was eyeing this thing the entire time we were eating.

Kenz got Spaghetti and you guessed it she ate it like a goof

I guess the moral of the story is that you should check out Jexal’s WingZeria in McHenry, place rules. And we will be going back next time I get my monthly craving for wings. Shit next time I may live life on the edge and get a buffalo wing pizza. There is no way that won’t be good right?

Buffalo Wild Wings you’re officially on notice

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