Could Pizza be the Key to World Peace?

So it’s Saturday night. Christine and McKenzie are sleeping, and what am i doing? Oh I’m just crock potting some ideas in this crazy head of mine and binge watching My 600 lb. Life, with a piece of leftover pizza. Life is good, or as good as it can be depending on how you look at it.

But suddenly it hit me. We all know Pizza is literally and figuratively the best thing on this planet, but could it be the Key to World Peace? Probably not…but hear me out. When was the last time the United States had a Civil War? Yep, 1865. Guess what? There is a positive correlation between the number of days of the U.S not having a Civil War and a growing number of Pizza Places in the U.S. Don’t believe me? Well how about you just take a look at this graph that I totally didn’t make.

The data behind this is staggering. After chasing the Rabbit down this hole i decided to think a little harder about this and it had me thinking. Do you think there would be so much chaos in Westeros if there were pizza places? I mean would Cersei Lannister be such a B if there was a Lou Malnati’s at Casterly Rock?

Only thing Cersei loves more than porking her brother is the S.O.B Pizza at Rosatis

I’m a firm believer that Game of Thrones would be a way less interesting show if everyone just chilled out maybe drank some wine and ordered a pizza, maybe all the death and destruction would plummet while the Netflix and Chilling would increase. Just imagine if Titan had the sheer number of Pizza places that the United States does. Thanos wouldn’t have to want to wipe out have the Universe for a lack of resources. I mean have you had deep dish lately? You could feed like 10 people with a large.

You. Should of. Gotten Sausage

Want more evidence. I’ve got the documents right here, you need to get with the lizard people and increase the number of Pizza Joints in the Middle East if you really want to bring peace to the most hostile area on earth.

Last one…I promise. How many major outbreaks of the Black Death have their been since the creation of Pizza? I thought so.

It’s been a Slice.

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