Elizabeth Warren wants to wipe out Student Loan debt, and I’m not sure how I feel about it

With the Snap of her fingers Elizabeth Warren wants Student loan debt in the U.S to cease to exist.

As a guy with Student Loan debt, I feel very very conflicted by the notion of this. Of course I would love to not have to pay back my Student Loans, it would open the doors for possibly being able to afford a larger home, and would allow me to save for a Wedding, or McKenzie’s future. I would honestly be ecstatic like the other 42 million Americans who would have this massive weight lifted from their shoulders. Could you imagine that? It would be balanced as all things should be. We would have more money to spend on American products to hopefully help the economy thrive, the housing market would explode, and more and more people wouldn’t let their crippling debt hold them back from chasing their dreams.

But…at the same time, nobody forced me to go to college, nobody made me make the choices I made that led to me accumulating all of that debt. Why should I have an easy road out of this? I honestly think it’s kind of bullshit, a Lannister always pays their debts and I’ll be damned if I’m regarding less than those incestual blonde idiots. I work my ass off to pay for these loans…they helped my credit, and I’m not sure I’d be able to purchase my home without the boost in credit that these loans gave me.

Honestly I think we should hold a gun to the university’s of America and tell them that they need to fuck off with college being so expensive, I think the first step to eliminating student loan debt is to create less of it. I mean it’s math, no one should be getting a free ride, this country was built on paying for shit they couldn’t afford. But we got to keep these prices down, the price for College is TOO DAMN HIGH!

But hey! maybe I’m just an idiot,

Either way I’m cool where I’m at

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