The Carolina Hurricanes have the best Alternate Logo in Sports

If you’re a hockey fan, this time of the year is the absolute best. You can just feel like drive, the sacrifice, the passion for the game and during this stretch of wonderful you start to familiarize yourself with teams you typically wouldn’t watch due to Market limitations, I’ve honestly watched Atleast one game every night for the past week regardless if the Shithawks aren’t competing, but I digress. But One team especially their sweaters has really caught my eye…see what I did there?

When you think of the Carolina Hurricanes you probably think of their normal logo that looks like a Red and Black butthole

But have you seen their Alternate logo yet?

My goodness that is fire, I mean it just looks so badass, but a Midwesterner like myself may have no idea what this actually means, well I looked into it and the explanation is even fuckin cooler than the logo itself.

It’s a Hurricane Warning flag, on a Hockey Stick! Isn’t that cool?

I’m all in, I repeat all the way in. Between this the Storm Surge, and the “Bunch of Jerks” thing I’m just shocked how quickly I’ve fallen in love with this team. They are America’s Sweethearts, the apple of our Eye (another hurricane pun) and science tells us that Global Warming will lead to more hurricanes, that’s me saying the Hurricanes will have continued success while shoving my Lib Cuck rhetoric down your throat…cool right?


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