Snow in April: Proof that there is a Hell and we are living in it

Don’t look now but that Scumbag Winter is about fade us into oblivion. Like what is this? Are we kidding with this bullshit? In what universe is it ok for it to be snowing in April? I’m not talking a flurry either.

This is a live look at what us free folk in McHenry county are looking at right now. We were all just M. Night Shamalamadingdonged by winter. I don’t know what this is all about but I’m not ready for it to be winter again. I don’t think anyone is. We just endured the shittiest winter ever and we get teased with a little bit of spring but nope. It’s the Red Wedding. All hope is lost.

P.S I actually think it’s kind of cool that it is is snowing on the day of the Game of Thrones Premiere when Winter actually arrives in the show after they have only been teasing it for 7 seasons.

P.P.S Can you tell how much I love snow? The only thing i love more than snow is complaining about it

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