In Honor of how Stoked I am for Avengers: Endgame I made Infinity Monster and now I’m the most Unsufferable Being in the Universe

While at Menards earlier I noticed they had a pretty good sale on Monster, I’m a big Monster guy. I like the variety in flavor, I love the buzz, I love how fuckin cool I look when I drink too (hopefully you detect that sarcasm). While quickly glancing through all the available flavors I noticed a pattern. They look like Infinity Stones, and being that Endgame is a couple weeks away I figured maybe if I mix all of these flavors I’ll be able to see through time and become the most amped up thing in the universe

Man oh man, what else can I say about this stuff…I’m also well aware that the far left one isn’t technically yellow but it’s kind of yellow so shut up nerd. So equal parts makes this

It just looks evil, let’s go in for a live taste test

I can’t even describe what is going on with the flavor, it’s so sweet that I may have to lick sandpaper to ever feel anything ever again. And I’m currently waiting to see if my levels of stokedness rise


You heard it here first

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