Knocked Loose Dropped a New Song Today and it May be the Heaviest Song Ever Written

If you don’t know about Knocked Loose you need to educate yourself. They make angry sounding music, that makes me happy…I fully understand the irony in that statement.

I remember 2016 for a lot of reasons; I became a Dad, Got Engaged, and got a Promotion…it was also the year we were introduced to the heavy hitting album Laugh Tracks by Oldham County, Kentucky’s heaviest Quintet. Upon my first listen I knew I needed more. The anger, the passion, the heavy hitting/relentless sound. It really was love at first listen.

Fast forward to today, it’s been two years since Knocked Loose released Laugh Tracks and out of the Blue (see what I did there) a new song drops and my heart is so full. It’s every bit as heavy as they left off. In fact it may be heaviest thing that’s ever happened, and yes I’m including Dying suns, and Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer).

Typically a new song means a new album is coming soon and to that I have two words…Fuck Yeah

Catch them on tour this spring with The Acacia Strain and Harms Way, which is basically the heaviest tour ever devised

I personally cannot wait until Saturday to see them at the Castle Theatre and return to my old stomping grounds…and totally get DP Dough too

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