Dunkin Wake Up Wraps are the Alpha of the Fast Food Breakfast World

Here I am. Sitting on my ass watching Duke Hopefully lose to Virginia Tech, when i see a commercial for Dunkin Donuts. If you know me or have been reading these blogs (If you are you’re the Real MVP)

you know how much of an Advocate I am for Dunkin Donuts coffee. I mean it’s cheap, its good, and it gets the job done. But easily the most underrated item on their menu is their Egg and Cheese Wake Up Wraps.

I don’t want to live in Hyperbole but they legitimately are God’s gift to man. Not only are they delicious but they are 2 for $2 and let’s not act like you aren’t getting all your major food groups either. You get your Egg Group, your Cheese Group, and your Tortilla Group. Nothing better in the morning than these cheesy little pockets of love. The only thing better is one that has meat in it, or if you get one that is a little burned. Oh mama

P.S Fuckin Duke won

America Runs on Dunkin but I Run on Wake Up Wraps…and Dunks, and also Dunkin Donuts Coffee.

If anyone from Dunkin Donuts is reading this, first of all Sup? Second, you interested in being the official Coffee of the Warming Home? You don’t have to actually do anything just let me say that.

Think about it

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