9 Times Spongebob was your Spirit Animal

No Warm Up…Let’s Get Right Into It.

9. That Time You Realized that Squidward liked Krabby Patties

8. That time you got hypnotized and turned into a Chicken that became a great meme

7. That time you went for a naked run and paused under an overpass to catch your breath

6. That time you had a Mental Breakdown while making a healthy breakfast of Eggs and Tubesock

5. That time you _______________________ (I couldn’t think of anything…so you do it)

4. That time you crapped your pants in public, Yea…that time

3. That time you were the caveman version of yourself, and also became an infamous meme

2. That time you smiled at someone in public and looked like a certified crazy person

1. That time the Blackhawks went to Overtime

Can I Write for Buzzfeed Now?

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