Bike Guys: The Worst People on the Road

The weather is starting to improve, and you know what that means don’t you? Of course you do. That means; more Barbecues, more Sun, and More Biker Assholes on the road.

We have all seen these Jag Bags riding around in their Spandex costumes who leave nothing to the imagination. I hate them…I hate them all. First things first, they do not obey the rules of the road. Always taking up their own lane, when there is a nice sidewalk available to them. They never stop at stop signs even though by law they are supposed to, they just blow right through them expecting everyone to stop for them, I always hope to see some old just smash one of them at that very moment. It would serve them right for blowing a stop sign. I’d even stick around and make a case for the old lady,

“Why Yessiree Bob Officer, that Lance Armstrong looking asshole just blew through the stop sign and I’m pretty sure he muttered something Anti-Semitic as he did it. Old Elenor over here did not have enough time to hit her brakes”

– Me Explaining that Above Scenario to a Officer of the Law

Name a worse person on the road, I dare you.

I also dare you to Share this with someone who happens to be one of these Idiots. Let them retort. But to be fair I don’t really care about what they think because if they smart they would focus on getting their lives together, not training for the Tour De France…Oh wait, you mean these people just do this with their free time?


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