Airplane Mode is like visiting the Quantum Realm

1st of all I would like you to be the first to know that I have returned safely to the Good Ol’ U.S of A. I’m currently writing this on my flight back from Houston (More on that Later because Fuck that Airport that’s why), but you will likely not be reading this until later tonight because I’m writing this on Airplane Mode. You know that button on your Phone/Tablet/Computer that you are supposed to enable when on an aircraft.

I don’t understand how that works but I’m guessing when airplane mode is enabled on your smartphone you fully exist but it doesn’t feel like you are on the same plane (See what i did there?) as everybody else. I mean god forbid the Bears trade their next 18 1st round picks for Aaron Donald (L.A to retain 90% of his salary of course) I legitimately would have no idea of such an event until airplane mode is off. I mean do you truly exist if we can’t receive a Snapchat of your friend with one of those goofy filters on him?

I think this is how the Avengers are going to beat Thanos in Endgame. They are going to travel back in time pre snap and enable Airplane mode on their IPhones, simultaneously existing on a current timeline but not at the same time. Can you tell how bored I am?

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