Houston you have a Problem

We all know the phrase Don’t Mess With Texas, but if I can beef frank for a second I’d like to mess with the Houston Airport, not even going to look up what it’s actually called, don’t really care to be honest.

Let me start by saying that all in all this is one of the most impressive airports I have ever been in. I mean it’s absolutely massive, and that is where my gripe comes in. I have no problem with the gate of my flight being changed, but if you are going to pull shit like that Atleast put it on the same side of the airport…I legit scrambled to get to my connecting flight on time only to realize that my flight was changed to a gate that was pretty much 6,000 miles away, so here I am running with a backpack on, I’m a chubby guy running with a backpack on.

Good news is that I made it to my flight, the other good news is I got 30 minutes of cardio in after running through a terminal I’ve never been in looking to get back to a real Friggin Airport (Shout out to O’Hare).

I guess Houston doesn’t have a problem but I had a problem.

p.s it’s an Airport not a mall, do you really need a Victoria’s Secret that greasy Florida folk can visit before they fly into Little Rock Arkansas to see their cousin Scooter.

This is your captain speaking uhhhhh if you look to your left you can see uhhhh the end of this blog uhhhh

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