Who should be the Monstars in Space Jam 2

Earlier this year it was officially announced that there would be a sequel to the 1996 Cult Classic Space Jam. With Lebron James taking over for the G.O.A.T as the hero of the story, everybody is speculating who the new round of Monstars will be modeled after. If could legit be anybody. The NBA is full of Young, Marketable Personalities who could bring their own edge to these classic Villains. This is who i believe will be the next group of Galactic Greaseballs.

Anthony Davis: The Brow already looks like a Monstar so the CGI department for Space Jam 2 will not have to do too much work to get Mr. Davis to look the part.

Boogie Cousins: He’s Big, He’s Mean, and he doesn’t play defense. Would make for a memorable moment for Lebron to pull up on him and hit a buzzer beater only for Monstar Boogie to look at his teammate wondering “Where were you on that one dipshit?”

Blake Griffin: Blake Griffin is destined to have a career on screen after his career in the NBA is over. He’s funny, he’s marketable, and this is the most important…He is likeable. What better way to jumpstart his film career than an appearance in one of the most anticipated sequels of all time.

Kevin Durant: Not a huge KD Fan, he’s a total villain. That’s pretty much it.

J.R Smith: I’m gonna keep it 100 with you, there are totally more qualified people to fill out this last spot. But i think the world needs more J.R Smith in their lives. He is absolutely ridiculous, his character would 100% get blunted before the game, and think of the possibility of his character not knowing how much time was on the clock at the end of the game ruining it for team Monstar. It would be incredible.

Do the right thing Hollywood.

If you have any better ideas feel free to leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. For me, in my opinion, I do like the original NBA players to play the Monstars, like Charles Barkley, Larry Johnson, Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Bogues & Shawn Bradley. They’re amazing basketball players, they brought the Monstars to life. I know they retired from basketball, just like Michael Jordan retired from basketball twice.

    For Space Jam 2, I am hoping that the Monstars will look the same, sound the same, have the same personalities, same attitudes, still be the good guys, maybe…find love if there’s romance in the movie, & maybe Witch Hazel could make a potion that make the Monstars stay in their Monstar forms permanently without changing back to their Nerdluck forms.

  2. I agree. Still, the Monstars are five amazing guys. Plus, when I was six years old, I do have a crush on the purple Monstar named Bupkus, which he stole the talent from Larry Johnson & voiced by Dorian Harewood, if you haven’t noticed, Dorian Harewood also did the voice of Modo from Biker Mice From Mars & he also did the voice of Michael Jordan in the series called ProStars, if you heard of those two TV shows.

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