Thor is the Biggest Snack in the Universe

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a second. What do you really want from life? You want to be happy right? And you don’t need no man/woman to do that Right? Sure, unless it’s Thor. You need Thor, I mean this dude is straight up beautiful. I know, Thor isn’t a real person and i actually have a crush on Chris Hemsworth. But you know what? I have more of a shot with Thor than i would ever have with Chris Hemsworth. and I’m comfortable enough saying that. Thor is a snack, possible the biggest snack in the universe.

I mean come on. Look at that Hockey Hair, Oh what’s that you don’t like long Hair on Guys?

Don’t worry his short game will blow your mind too.

Oh what’s that you only like guys who can summon the power of lightning to defeat their enemies? Well lucky for you he murders that game too

Long Hair, Short Hair, Electric Shuffle Look. You need to get you a man who can do both. But this one is taken.

One Day…One day

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