God, Country, Kit Kats

Nothing satisfies that sweet tooth like a candy bar, we all love them…because they are terrible for us. But one candy bar reigns supreme and it’s not even close. That’s right, Kit Kats are by far the greatest Candy Bar in the game. They are the Kendrick Lamar of Candy Bars. I got I got I got Chocolate I got wafer, I got Kit Kats in my D.N.A

It’s pretty much the perfect candy. Light, but has a stupid among of chocolate on it. The best thing you could get on Halloween, and don’t even get me started on the big bags of unwrapped minis that you can buy (Shout out to Christine, for doing that). It’s simple; God, Country, Kit Kats

P.S if Mr Kit or Mr. Kat are reading this there is currently an opening for the official candy bar of the Warming Home…you don’t have to do anything I just want to have an official something

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