Those Indoor Play Places are good if you’re insane

Had a Kenzie-Daddy day over the weekend so being brave I decided to embark on taking her to one of those indoor play places where you let your kid have fun but have the availability to take it easy and let them interact with other kids, it’s basically an indoor park. You may be thinking to yourself “Hey Mike, that sounds pretty good, why are you about to go off on these places?” And to that I say…Go check one out and see if you want to ever go back.

There are two things I’m not really a huge fan of; Other people, and their kids. And you get the full experience of both of them should you ever decide to visit one of these god forsaken places. Crying, yelling, and all these bullshit names that people are naming their kids now-a-days, you get to hear it all. “Come here Brexit, you have to drink your De-Ionized water before you get parched.” And if you are looking you can see the 10-12 adults that don’t give a crap about their kids and are too busy swiping right on tinder or playing Candy Crush, it’s sad.

But it gets worse, imagine working at one of these places and having to deal with the yuppie parents, the bratty kids, and the germs. Imagine how many of these kids aren’t vaccinated, it’s scary out there. If you work at these places, Thank You for You Service

But real talk, Kenz loves these places and until the weather gets warm enough to go to an actual park and get *Gasp* Fresh Air, I’m gonna have to deal with the craziness for the happiness of my Babygirl

It’s worth it

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