Basketball Ability > Superpowers

As a young boy there were two things I wanted more than anything in life

1) To have Superpowers

2) To play on the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls

I was a big basketball guy, I mean look at this picture of a young meI mean shiiiit look at that drip

Bulls SnapBack ✅

Jordan’s ✅

Canadian Tuxedo ✅

Looking back at it I realize how silly I was as a kid, given the choice between having an insane amount of talent in basketball and Superpowers I would choice the basketball so fast that I would be worried about getting a speeding ticket.

Having the ability to dunk whenever I want would be a dream come true to me. I’m what you would call “Vertically Challenged” so the ability to throw it down on a 12ft rim would leave people amazed and confused…plus who doesn’t love a bomb ass dunk?

But wait! There’s more. You couple that with the ability to shoot from beyond the arc and life would pretty much figure itself out…I wouldn’t have to worry about great power and great responsibility, just pulling up and raining threes on the poor soul who would be tasked to Guard me. 100% guarantee I just give him the “hey what are you gonna do?” Face every time…maybe do a couple euro steps, the possibilities are endless

With all this, it’s hard to imagine that someone would want to fly…yea have fun with that I’ll enjoy my max deal with the Sacramento Kings

🏀 = 🌎

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