I Wish I loved anything as much as President Trump loves giving Fast Food to College Athletes

Love him or Hate him, nothing makes the President Of the United States more relatable then when they do Ridiculous things. Whether its the Goofiness of W, the Memeability of President Obama, or the Fact that President Trump has become the South Park impersonation of himself slowly over the past couple of years. Nothing and I repeat nothing is funnier to me than when the President does goofy shit.

That brings us to today when The North Dakota State football team had their White House visit following their National Championship, which marks the second time this calendar year that College Football Champions have visited the White House and the president has served Fast Food. I know, nothing screams Peak Athleticism like housing Big Macs with the president. As a fast food guy I can get behind this new Tradition that our goofball President has forced into our hearts.

I can only hope that this trend continues for when the New England Patriots visit the White House. Imagine it, the only thing to eat is McDonalds? Tom Brady would cry, I don’t think he seen a Quarter pounder since at least two presidents ago.

Look at that, you made it. See that wasn’t as political as you thought right? I can’t promise a lot of things, but I promise I will stick to weird shit which is what you have come to love about this blog…Right?

As is Tradition I have made a Horrible Photoshop for the end of this blog. Enjoy

Good Luck Sleeping Tonight

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