Planet Fitness: I Don’t Want to Live on This Planet Anymore

Well today is Saturday. And do you know what Saturdays are for? You are correct, The Boys and getting a sick pump on. With my old man visiting this weekend we decided to do some bonding and get our swole on together. My dad had showed some interest in joining Planet Fitness and I decided to tag along and have a free try out day. I don’t know what they are selling…But I ain’t buying.

The culture established at this place is mind blowing. They preach that their gym is a no judgement zone but immediately pass judgement on people who clearly know what they are doing. Lunks they call them. What a dumb word. It sounds like it should be slang for like a Lady Hunk or something #Girlpower. I look around and I see people who have no clue what they are doing, in terms of actually lifting weights. and no one is helping them correct this behavior because if you do that you’re passing judgement. It’s ridiculous.

It has the typical collection of terrible gym people

  • Olds
  • Hardo Dads
  • Girls who spend more time snapping selfies and talking then actually working
  • Guys who wear snap backs to the gym.
  • Creepy European/Indian Guys who rock the Polo/Track pants combo (Killer Look)

I remember why i work out in the morning when nobody is awake.

There are no squat racks, The Free weight section is offensively bleak, and the dumbbells only go up to 60lbs. As a guy who likes to work out, this place is hell. Oh and don’t worry when you leave they have a huge bowl of tootsie rolls waiting for you to take. “Hey i know you just did your best attempt to better yourself but here is a piece of fucking chocolate to wipe out what you just did” – Plant Fitness

People who Work Out at Planet Fitness

People who work out Literally/Figuratively anywhere else

Don’t find yourself on the wrong side of history.

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