I’ve Built the Best Dinner Party Ensemble Ever

Do you like Dinner? Of course you do. Do you like Parties? Kind of Right? When you mix the two you usually have a winning combination of good food and good company. But if you were to throw a dinner party with any Four living people who would you choose? Peep this list and be amazed at how this group of individuals couldn’t be any better.

Gronk – I mean who doesn’t love Gronk? Dude would 100% bring the beers, or a couple bottles of Mad Dog 20/20. You can only imagine the stories this big goof would be telling. And i think his sense of humor would go hand in hand with my second guest.

Action Bronson – If you are unfamiliar with America’s favorite Rapper/Chef, do yourself a favor and Czech out a couple episodes of Bronson’s show Fuck That’s Delicious and you will fully understand why he should be a shoe in for any dinner party. He will more than likely bring over his good friend Mary Jane and you couple that with Gronk…Hilarity ensues. I’m all in on having Action Bronson over and I would even consider letting him cook every course. You know he has some good food ideas cooking in that cranium of his.

Post Malone – I know I’m going a little heavy with the rappers but here me out. Post Malone just seems like a real cool dude. He likes heavy music and there is a 100% chance he pounds a couple brews with Gronk (MVP of Dinner) and busts out the guitar for everyone. Maybe have a bonfire, and hey we are a Florida Georgia Line Music Video.

Michael B. Jordan – I got a real man crush on Michael B. Jordan. That’s it.

Below is an artist’s rendering of the greatest dinner party that has ever been.

I think we need to make this Happen, Feel Free to build you’re own.

P.S Gronk is the Glue that’s holding this dinner together.

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