Buying Supplements is the worst part about being a Meathead

Nothing better than getting a sweet sweet pump. It’s almost like a drug, I remember my first pump like it was yesterday…because it was. The only thing better than putting in that work is treating yourself with a delicious Protein Shake. But what’s that? Oh yeah its the ridiculous price tag Big Supplement has put on for all us Normals who are trying to look like Arnold. And before all you “Well Actually Mike” dorks come knocking just silence yourself. If you want to look like you were molded out of Stone by Asgaurdian’s themselves then you need to get on the protein train.

We all like living life like everyday is your last rep. But something needs to be done about the ridiculous amount of money you will spend on trying to get big while living your best life.

It’s always the same experience too, you are pretty much out of protein so you go get more, Boom $100 later you got your supply of Pre-Workout and Post-Workout. Maybe you get some During-Workout stuff because you’re a guy/girl who needs to always be sipping on something (No Judgement here), and then two days later you are pretty much over the flavor you got anyways because you decided to get an adventurous flavor like Pineapple Upside Down Cake…I know, you could never get sick of that Right? WRONG!

If i am ever in the position of running for any office. I will use my platform to get the price of supplements down. And the 1% are going to pay for it.

I’m Mike Leopold and I approve this Message.

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