Urinal Adaptability: The #1 Advantage of being a Short Guy

Last night, Christine and I had a date night which started at an adorable Farm-To-Table Restaurant and ending at every woman’s favorite place, Target. Fellas,,,am I right? About halfway through our excursion I noticed that all of the Sparkling Water that i had drunken earlier that day needed to be unleashed. So i ran to the bathroom and was met with a Mind Blowing thought. I was tall enough to use the Big Dude urinal and Short enough to use the Small Dude urinal.

Well what does this mean? Besides the fact that i am a short shit. Well, this advantage that I now realized that i have many never come in handy unless I really need to go and the Big Dude urinal is taken. But hey look what we have here, the kids urinal is open and I can just go about my business. You think any guy in the NBA has that ability? Hell no.

So if you’re a short guy like me next time you find yourself having to Drain the Main Vane while out try taking a Whiz in the Small urinal and marvel and your adaptability.

And if you happen to be Joel Embiid size why don’t you try the same thing. Guaranteed that you pee all over the place you doofus.

Short Guys Unite against the Talls

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