DP Dough How I Miss Thee

I’ve had a lot on my mind recently, mostly good for a change which is great. But there is one thing i haven’t been able to shake for the life of me. The delicious calzones that DP Dough had provided me for so many years at my Alma Mater (Illinois State University #RedbirdsFlyTogether). Maybe it’s the extremely strict diet that I’m on that would forbid their calzones or I’m just talking a stroll down memory lane. Either way something has to be done about this urge I’m having.

If you’ve never heard of DP Dough then let me take you to school. It’s a calzone place, quite possibly the best calzones you will ever consume (R.I.P Primetime). The best part about it? There isn’t one for hours around me, and I’m devastated. This needs to change, like do i need to open my own franchise to have more access to these delicious brown beauties. I’m having dirty thoughts about these calzones as I’m typing this out.

I have so many fond memories of this place, from my first experience with the BBQ Chicken Zone, The time my wonderful fiancé bought me a surprise calzone during finals week, The number of fights I’ve seen take place at that establishment, to the time when i got so drunk at Drifters that i passed out on a bench and woke up in my bed with a half eaten Mac and Cheese Calzone. To this day i have no idea how i got home or got a calzone. Good Times.

D.P. Dough I Miss you, Come to Woodstock, Illinois…I’ll do anything, and I mean anything

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