AAF Football: I’m already all in

Really not too much substance to this post, the 18 year NFL offseason (or how it feels) has begun and we are left with a sour taste in our mouth from watching the idiot patriots win their sixth Super Bowl since 2001. I need closure, i need action, I NEED MORE FOOTBALL.

Just like that Neck-bearded White Knight you friend zoned 3 months ago, the AAF is here ready and waiting to get the rebound and fill our hearts with some meaning and our brains with Football. I’m a simple guy. I like; Good Food, my Family and Friends, and Football. I’m a Football Guy.

My heart is so full, i feel like a parent who has all of their adult children in the same room at one time. I don’t know how you are going to spend your Saturyay night but I’m going to watch a bunch of washed up NFL Players beat the piss out of each other with the hopes of getting another chance. It’s like watching Rudy in real time, and hopefully this league can help dull the pain of having to wait for the NFL to make it’s way back into our hearts and homes.

I honestly don’t know how much quality we are going to get out this league but I.Do.Not.Care

I’m All In LFG!!!!

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