Mitch McConnell: Why the Long Face?

I would to start this by saying that i literally and figuratively have no idea what this guy is about or what he stands for. Try to contain yourself because i know Magic Mitch and his devilish charm can be too much to handle.

I typically don’t get too much into politics because I:

A) Don’t like arguing with people who will never admit they are wrong

B) I really don’t give a shit about the opinion of others

C) I don’t feel like contributing to the growing divide between them Damn Liberals and the Facist Conservatives.

But as my Good Friend Steven A. Smith Says…” HOWEVA!” I think there is something we can agree upon. If there was an award for the Most Punchable Face, Mitch would be a First Ballot Hall of Famer.

I would like the academy to seriously consider making this an award at the Oscars, I have an Artist’s rendering of what Maniac Mitch would look like accepting the Most Punchable Face award.


P.S If you look closely, you may recognize the original picture. Spoiler Alert it’s Ellen Degeneres. Let’s go Mitch, 1 V 1 Call of Duty Black Ops on PS4. My gamertag is xXxWeedSniPer69420350xXx

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