Guys it finally happened today!

Today felt like a normal day, i did my normal routine of rolling out of bed while making a couple dad noises, Drove through that Idiot town of Harvard (1952 State Champs), and checked my email. Now let me tell you, what happened to me as i opened my email is far from normal.

I had a message from the wife of the late ambassador of Jamaica (Lord have Mercy), who wants to make her sole beneficiary of a small fortune for the measly price of may social security number and banking information. I had heard stories of people getting opportunities like this from Kenyan princes and i always wondered when my time would come. This lady must think I’m an idiot…I mean you would have to be to pass on a situation like this. It’s not every day that you randomly stumble into 12 Million dollars. I was so excited that i; Quit my Job, Bought a bunch of very expensive Ketchup’s, and immediately purchased a house that there would be no way that i would be able to afford.

Things are finally coming up Mike. Nothing can go wrong, and i mean nothing.

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