10 Examples of Things as Ridiculous as the idea behind GroundHogs Day

10. A Government Shutdown ending if a Bottlenose Dolphin makes friends with a turtle.

9. October will be a rainy month if a Toddler has the courtesy of letting you finish a sentence before interrupting.

8. Every time a hardo college kid takes Xanax, a New Flavor of Mountain Dew is released.

7. If Elon Musk smokes weed on Joe Rogan’s podcast, then there will be a massive fire sale on Amazon.

…Do i really have to continue?

And to Answer your question…Yes, these are exactly as dumb predicting the weather based on whether or not a little hairy groundhog sees its shadow (What if he’s not looking for it?).

I’m out on GroundHogs Day, and you should be too.

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