Well…Winter is here

It’s not every day that ball splitting cold comes through. And it is looking Wednesday could reach a level of cold that has not been seen in decades. Let’s take a live look at the entire MidwestCan you feel that? That’s the sound of every person in the Midwest saying “Ope, looks like it’s gonna be real cold this week, Yeah.” Now let’s take a look at the Weather in Woodstock, Illinois (God’s Country) for tomorrow:

Yep you are reading that correctly, the high for tomorrow is -15 Degrees Fahrenheit. THE HIGH!!! That is colder than pretty much the entire continent of Antarctica (today), and to put that into even more perspective, the Gale Crater on Mars had a High Temperature of 23 Degrees Fahrenheit on Monday. The only thing left to do is Hunker Down and watch the movie Frozen (I fully understand the irony in that statement) with my 2 year old daughter for the Millionth time and ride this son of a gun out.

But don’t worry 72 Hours later we will have temperatures in the 40’s. Folks,,,you know what they say about the weather in Chicago. If you don’t like it, wait 15 minutes. I’ll be here all night.

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